Rules Blackpool Short Mat Bowls League


Any Rule not mentioned is as per the ESMBA Website.

The league match is played by two teams of 4 pairs per side.

There are 4 games played in a pairs format.

The home captain to nominate their pair, which is matched up by the opposing captain.

In the event of a team not having enough players, then the other captain will pick players who have already played to play again. The team who don't have enough players will start that game on -5 (minus 5).

Woods are delivered alternately by each team with each team member delivering all of their woods before the next team member takes their turn.

Players cannot change their woods after they bowl the first wood, although the order in which the pair's bowl can change at any end.

Each player will bowl 2 woods per end.

The game is played over 10 ends (played up and down the mat).

The away team bowl first in the first end and then each subsequent end is started by the winner of the previous end.

The team who bowls first in an end also decides where on the centre line at the head end the jack is placed.

When delivering a bowl a player must have one foot entirely within, or above, the bounds of the delivery foot mat and the other foot within the side delivery lines.
If this is not done then a foot fault occurs and the bowl is removed from the playing area.

Similarly, any bowl which touches the centre block, fails to cross the far dead line or crosses the ditch line without first touching the jack is dead and is removed from the playing area.
Any bowl leaving the side of the mat is dead.

If the jack is driven off the mat the end is declared dead and the end is replayed.

If a wood is played which touches the jack before coming to rest it is declared a ‘toucher’ and is marked with chalk.

A toucher or the jack remains in play when it crosses or breaks the ditch line (non toucher woods doing so are removed).

If a toucher or the jack is completely over the ditch line then it can only be moved by another toucher or the jack.

A toucher or the jack lying across the ditch line is still ‘live’ and can be moved by any wood and the jack is fully in play ( so can be 'touched' ) until it fully crosses the ditch line.

A toucher or jack which has completely crossed the ditch line has its position marked by chalk marks on the mat so that it can be returned to its position if it is illegally moved by a non toucher wood.

At the conclusion of an end each of a team’s woods which are nearer to the jack than any of the opponents’ woods counts as a ‘shot’.

Measuring devices may be utilised in determining shots.






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